G4S has a history dating back to 1957 in South Africa and even further internationally.

G4S has become a market leader in securing and managing critical services and facilities to a broad range or sectors across South Africa. We have long history of service excellence, delivered by experts in the security industry, to world-class standards.

Our historical milestones:

  • The G4S group of companies can trace its roots back to 1901 as "Kjøbenhavn Frederiksberg Nattevagt" in Scandinavia
  • In 1935 a former cabinet minister launched ‘Night Watch Services’ in the UK – a modest enterprise with four bicycle-riding guards in old police uniforms
  • In 1950 the Danish Philip-Sorensen family established Securitas International in the UK
  • In 1951 it was renamed Securicor
  • In 1968 the UK arm of Securitas International was renamed Group 4
  • London Stock Exchange in 1971
  • Group 4 split from Securitas in 1981 and merged with Falck in 2000 to form Group 4 Falck
  • The G4S brand is a product of a merger between Group 4 Falck and Securicor in 2004
  • The company entered the FTSE 100 in 2007
  • On 1 June 2007 the company officially became known as G4S and the group subsequently dropped ‘Group 4 Securicor’ from its branding in January 2009