Technology systems

G4S is a market leader in providing fully integrated technology based security solutions.

G4S technology designs, manufactures, installs and maintains fully integrated security systems, protecting customers with various security requirements from small offices and schools to large multi-national oganisations and high security government facilities.

G4S employs over 60 technical specialists who provide solution-driven systems ranging from CCTV and intruder detection, to time and attendance, and access control. Our sector approach allows us to tailor solutions for each and every customer.

Our services include:

Access control

Access control to a site or installation is the most essential component of a good security management system (SMS).

It determines who enters the area, how the access is controlled and what technology or equipment is used to do the task. The access control system also supports the rest of the SMS, such as patrols, monitoring and reaction alarms.

Access control is most efficient when introduced as part of a multi-layered defence and can be integrated with other core aspects to create a seamless solution to protect your staff, buildings and assets, whilst helping you to save time and reduce administration overheads.