Cash management solutions

G4S Cash Solutions is South Africa’s leading provider of integrated cash management solutions.

G4S Cash Solutions is South Africa's leading cash management solutions provider. Our highly experienced personnel manage a network of cash facilities nationally, and operate a fleet of over 1 000 vehicles that are fitted with the latest integrated communication and tracking systems.

Working in partnership with leading financial institutions, retailers, government and leisure sectors, we provide turn-key solutions from cash transportation through to cash processing.

This includes the scheduled collection and delivery of deposits between bulk cash centres or to our 35 G4S Cash Facilities, where the money is counted, verified, authenticated, sorted and settled using world-class equipment and cash management and reconciliation software.

As the supplier of choice for thousands of businesses across the country, we have the infrastructure to provide you with the service to meet your needs.

Our expertise includes:

  • ATM solutions and engineering
  • Banking solutions
  • Cash in transit
  • Cash Online
  • Cash processing
  • CASH360 retail solution
  • High value logistics
  • Insurance

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