Ports and airports

G4S ensures the safety of travellers and the efficiency of the world's international transport system.


We focus on customer safety and well-being, with international best practice standards and expert knowledge of aviation law. Our integrated security and passenger assistance solutions ensures that airports are safer and more secure than ever.

G4S provides a full range of security services to assist airlines, cargo agents and freight forwarders in becoming and remaining listed agents in accordance with aviation security regulations. Services offered by G4S to this sector include passenger screening and profiling; visa and documentation verification; hold baggage screening; aircraft and duty free container searchers; passenger services; weapons handling; internal and external security training and audits as well as evaluation of risk and the development of environment specific security programs.


G4S understands this industry and we are able to use our experience and expertise in logistics, technology and the managing of security personnel to provide security solutions in diverse regulatory environments.

Whether you operate within this business sector or are merely passing through one of South Africa's airports or ports, you will notice G4S taking a leading role in security your environment.