Securing our people

G4S remains the largest private employer in Africa with over 120,000 employees in 26 countries. The largest G4S businesses in Africa by employee numbers are Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique and South Africa each employing more than 10,000 people.

The commitment of our employees across Africa has stayed constant with a stability index of 77% for 2013, meaning that three quarters of our employees have more than one year of service (compared to 74% for G4S as a whole). During 2013 we recruited and trained more than 34,000 new employees.

Key Achievements for 2013

  • Introduced the Ethical Workplace Programme (EWP), aimed at creating a working environment that promotes the G4S values, drive Employee and Stakeholder engagement as well as the G4S brand
  • More than 62,000 employees completed the biannual Employee Engagement survey across 26 countries
  • 71% of employees confirmed that they would recommend G4S as an Employer
  • Conducted focus groups in five Countries to assess barriers to entry and career growth for female employees
  • Improved Diversity and Inclusion adoption rates across Africa
  • Rolled out succession and talent review processes to all management roles in Africa, through the MyCareer system
  • Piloted a Driving Force Campaign in three businesses to promote safe driving and a reduction in road traffic incidents
  • Achieved Top Employer Status in 11 African Countries affecting more than 50,000 employees
  • Introduced the 12 Golden Safety Rules
  • Implemented a standardised Regional Induction for senior managers and critical roles.
  • Implemented a standardised Regional manned security training curriculum for officers and superiors
  • Introduction of the ‘Mystery Applicant’ survey, designed to measure candidate perceptions of G4S Africa’s resourcing process.

Priorities for 2014

  • Introduce the Safety First value, emphasizing the critical importance of Health and Safety
  • Introduce a Regional Values Campaign to reinforce the values in everything we do
  • Implement a two year Health and Safety Strategy across the Africa Region with Health and Safety
  • Improvement plans across all businesses with the aim of reducing fatalities and serious incidents
  • Rolling out the Driving Force Rules campaign across all businesses in Africa
  • Develop and roll out standardised weapons training across Africa
  • Extend automated talent review system to include all management positions
  • Promote Diversity and Inclusion across the Region and encourage higher levels of adoption
  • Roll out Employee Engagement Action plans across the Region