Securing our communities

Corporate social investment (CSI) is key to the sustainability of our business across the continent and is a key focus for every country we operate in.

Our significant footprint across Africa means that the economic and social impact of our operations reaches well beyond our working environment and affects the lives of millions of people across the continent. We aim to provide as much support as possible to the youth, mainly through education, healthcare and development through sport initiatives.

Key achievements for 2013

  • Partnered with Bhubesi Pride, a development through sport initiative, to develop local communities in nine African countries using sport as an educational vehicle
  • Focused on longer term sustainable projects, which provide improved longevity and overall benefits to the community
  • Improved employee involvement with more than 5,000 CSR hours performed
  • Maintained CSR spend and country involvement.

 Priorities for 2014

  • Continue to identify and implement CSR initiatives which make a significant positive and sustainable difference in the communities in which we live and work
  • Build on and expand the Bhubesi Pride program
  • Increasing the number of employees involved in CSR projects and the number of CSR hours (both pro-bono and volunteer) performed by 15%
  • Focus on longer term sustainable projects and increased CSR spend, where possible.


small csr

In 2013 G4S Africa, as part of our Africa CSR program, partnered with Bhubesi Pride (a united through sport project) for an (initial) two year contract to develop our local communities in Africa using sport as an educational vehicle. Development through sport is a new and exciting approach to corporate social responsibility (CSR) and there are some remarkable programmes around the world which are successfully promoting the relationship between brands, sport and social responsibility. The aim of Bhubesi Pride is to drive social change, education and community development through rugby in Africa. The project’s objectives are to:

  • Unite African children (boys and girls) by promoting the sport’s core values and addressing health education and life skills
  • Empower local staff (male and female) by providing training, equipment, resources and know-how
  • Inspire long-term sustainable development by developing young leaders and establishing links between British / international schools and local Africa schools, as well as building relationships with in-country NGO’s, rugby unions, Government departments and businesses.

The program involves teams of highly qualified coaches and teachers working in ten Africa countries during six month missions, delivering mass participation rugby, sports and education programs in schools and street communities. G4S supported the program in the following eight countries: Botswana, Kenya, Malawi, Namibia, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia.

For more information on this remarkable programme and G4S’s involvement in the programme, please download the CSR report or visit the Bhubesi Pride website.