Our CSR strategy

Explaining our strategy for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in South Africa.

Our approach to CSR is wide-ranging and covers all initiatives that we engage in that impact the upliftment and betterment of our people and the communities we work within.

The G4S Group’s CSR Committee ensures that CSR is an integral part of the group’s strategy and that we continue to have a positive impact on people and communities, whilst contributing to a sustainable future for our business and everyone connected to it.

The Group’s CSR Committee reports into the Group’s Audit Committee to ensure that our global CSR strategy is closely aligned to issues such as risk management, audit and compliance.

In Africa, we follow a similar approach to the G4S Group in evaluating and reviewing our CSR processes, policies and impact. On an annual basis, we review our CSR processes, impact and key priorities. In G4S our key focus areas are business ethics and anti-corruption, human rights and health and safety.We also place emphasis on other CSR priorities such as community and social investment, as well as climate action.

There are four pillars that support our CSR strategy, through which we report our current performance and explain our focus for the next 12 months: