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Social responsibility

Working with our people and our communities to improve the places and conditions in which we work and live is a key part of our business across the Africa region.

We specialise in outsourced business processes and facilities in sectors where security and safety risks are considered a strategic threat.

Due to our extensive footprint, G4S plays an important role in society. We make a difference by helping people operate in a safe and secure environment where they can thrive and prosper.

Through our normal course of business, as well as our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programmes, we aim to address societal challenges such as poverty, education and access to proper healthcare. Our efforts are largely concentrated on the youth who, we believe, given the right enablers and support, will secure the future of the African continent.

G4S has been recognised as one of the Best Employers in South Africa and a Top Employer in eleven African countries for the 2014 period, through independent research conducted by the CRF Institute. The development of our own people is a priority. Providing our staff with training and development opportunities, as well as an environment where ideas and contributions are valued is a core component of our employee value proposition.

We are unashamedly ‘Afro-optimists’ and genuinely believe in the opportunities that the continent affords. We are committed to making a sustainable, measurable difference to the lives of our employees, their families and the clients and communities we serve.

Our CSR Africa Report for 2013 serves to highlight the key areas of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) which have formed the focus for the Africa Region over the past 12 months, demonstrating the progress that we as a region have made in the areas of business ethics, health and safety, employee engagement, diversity, climate action and community investment.

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